Rough Housing Market Means It’s Time to Remodel

No doubt you’re aware that the housing market has been going through some rough times lately. Where once families were concentrating on always looking for a newer, better home to move to, hard economic times have stalled their plans. Housing sales are starting to make some gains, but it’s been slow and there’s no sign of when exactly things will pick up.

However, an unexpected result of this difficult market has been a significant rise in remodeling jobs for current homeowners, according to the Wall Street Journal. Looking at the data over the past few years, spending on home remodeling has been climbing significantly. In fact, the study from BuildFax clearly shows there was a 40%  increase year-in October.

It makes sense if you think about it; homeowners who find themselves unable to move up to a better home are finding it more affordable to just remodel the home their in to suit their lifestyle needs. After all, why go through the hassle of trying to buy a new home when you can stay in the one you already know and love, and just fix it to adapt to your needs?

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