Frameless Shower Doors Boost Modern Appeal

Frameless Shower

Notice how the shower blends in to the bathroom's design and keeps the focus of the room where it should be - on the beautiful windows!

Bathroom design just isn’t what it used to be. Years ago, the bathroom’s purpose was simple and the features inside of it were modest. In modern bathroom design however, the look is much different. Today’s bathrooms are designed to be retreats from the rest of the home, boasting a spa-like setting with features that are equally lavish. One of the products prompted by this new bathroom design is the frameless shower.

Frameless shower doors boost modern appeal in the bathroom and provide a seamless look for the space. Without heavy framing, the shower blends in to its surroundings and the space feels more open. It also provides designers with an opportunity to add focal features to the room such as specialty tile or natural lighting.

The elegant look of a frameless shower is a stunning use of modern design and reminds us that bathroom design will never be the same. What do you think of the shower?


Image via Houzz

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  1. Kathleen says:

    Frameless shower doors can be considered asset to your bathroom. It gives you a calming sensation of elegance and relaxation. It makes the restroom energetic and more beautiful adding fun in your bathing experience.

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