The Four Undesirable Contractors and How to Spot Them

You have finally made the decision to start that remodeling project and the most important thing is making sure you find just the right contractor. A home remodeling project doesn’t need to be stressful if you do your homework up front.

  • While it’s always good to work with people who are sure of themselves and the quality of their work, avoid contractors who are quick to promise anything you want. Many times these types don’t know they are doing and once they realize they are in too deep, will just disappear.
  • Don’t equal cost with quality. The highest bidder isn’t always the best. You may get a fairly decent job but many times you will have overpaid for the quality of work performed.
  • While in today’s economy it’s tempting to take the lowest price quoted, make sure you get glowing above the board recommendations before using this contractor.
  • All reputable contractors should provide without hesitation insurance information, licenses and bonding forms and recommendations from past clients.

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